Autumn Garland Felt Craft Kit

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­­Embrace the warmth and charm of the changing seasons with our Autumn Garland Felt Craft Kit from Hawthorn Handmade! This enchanting kit delivers the hues and textures of fall right to your fingertips, offering a delightful crafting experience for all levels.

Designed for novices and seasoned crafters alike, the kit includes everything you need to create a stunning, woolly autumnal garland. Inside, you'll find high-quality wool mix felt in vibrant fall shades, a needle, threads, green yarn to string it on, pins and an easy-to-follow guide that walks you through each step of the process.

The finished garland features a beautiful mix of felted acorns, leaves, and other autumnal motifs. Hang it above your fireplace, in your window, or on a wall to create a cozy, fall atmosphere in your home. Alternatively, gift this handmade treasure to someone special to share the warmth of the season.

The Autumn Garland Felt Craft Kit is not just another crafting set; it's your passport to a cozy, craft-filled autumn. Take pleasure in the therapeutic process of embroidery and felt craft, and transform the premium wool into a rich tapestry of fall's bounty. It's a perfect way to welcome the season and fill your home with handmade charm.

Each kit contains: Sheets of wool mix felt in a mix of colours, DMC embroidery thread, embroidery needle, pins, yarn, re-usable templates, stitching and colour guides and an ‘Introduction to Felt Craft’ booklet.